About Fire Safety Education

Welcome to Fire Safety Education, creators of quality public safety education materials that make a difference in people’s lives. Fire Safety Education produces videos, printed materials and promotional items for fire educators.

Helping the fire community Engage, Educate and Save Lives

Our mission at Fire Safety Education is one of assistance. It’s our job to help fire educators across the country do their jobs. Our products don’t just entertain or amuse, they educate young and old alike on the dangers that fire poses to us all. To that end, I invite you to consider the proven products we offer for sale on this web site. Our materials make your job of public education easier and more effective.

Fire prevention and safety is vitally important. A recent study revealed that each year more than 5,000 Americans die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could have been prevented. Being educated and prepared is key to being able to prevent home fires and their deadly, costly consequences. Our videos, print materials and supporting promotional products ensure that the message of prevention and safety stays in the forefront of the public’s mind.

On this web site, you can review our products, preview videos and make purchases. Of course, you may also speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives by calling us at 877-359-0575.

Fire Safety Education is proud to be a part of the firefighting community and we are delighted that you are considering us as your provider of materials. If you are already a Fire Safety Education customer, we thank you for your trust in our products and people. If this is your first experience with Fire Safety Education, we hope you will allow us to serve your organization and build a lasting relationship.

We are constantly striving to provide the best fire safety and prevention materials. If you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for, please let us know and we’ll develop it for you.


To all of you, from all of us at Fire Safety Education… Thank you!


Greg Fox, Jr.