“Practice for Life: Safe Escape for Senior Citizens and the Disabled” DVD

  • Notes the importance of practicing fire drills
  • Addresses smoke alarm maintenance and placement
  • Covers the RACE process (Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish)
  • Explains providing assistance to those who are unable to evacuate on their own

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This fire safety DVD addresses the proper procedures for safely escaping a fire for seniors and the disabled. People over the age of 65 are three times more likely to die in a fire than younger adults. People with disabilities are also at higher risk.

The video follows the RACE process for safe evacuation (Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish). Safety regulations for different types of homes and facilities are reviewed. Suggestions for what to include on an emergency checklist are provided. Rescue personnel demonstrate the different types of carries that can be used to assist people in exiting a fire, as well as life saving escape techniques. Like crawling under smoke, and stop, drop and roll.

This video stresses planning, practice, and prevention! A valuable resource for the elderly and all health care personnel who care for the elderly and disabled.

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