“Candles: Tiny Flame, Deadly Threat” DVD

  • Details the statistics behind candle-related home fires
  • Notes particular areas of concern within the house
  • Provides helpful tips to reduce the fire hazard associated with candles
  • 15 minutes long

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This “Candles: Tiny Flame, Deadly Threat” DVD is a great addition to fire safety and prevention programs. It covers the dangers associated with candle use while also preventing helpful tips that can reduce the fire risk. There are candles in seven out of ten homes, and every one of them carries the potential for disaster as well as for celebration and decoration.

This video introduces adults to the growing fire hazard candles have become in recent years, and the simple actions necessary to keep families safe when candles are in use. It’s informative and engaging, helping to ensure that your audience will remember these important tips. Full of useful and practical information, this video is a great way to help keep your community’s homes safer.

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