Red’s “Prevent Kitchen Fires” Presentation Display

  • Provides steps necessary in the event of a kitchen fire
  • Offers tips for stovetop safety
  • Directs children to identify potential kitchen dangers
  • Advises how to treat a burn
  • Reminds children that hot food and drinks can burn them
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Red the Fire Dog makes teaching kitchen fire safety a snap with this bright and informative presentation display. It covers a wide variety of topics in order to help children learn how to be safe in the kitchen.

The display begins by noting that cooking is a big responsibility, one that should only be undertaken when an adult is present. In the event of a fire, warn everyone in the house, get out and stay out, go to their Safe Meeting Place, and call 9-1-1.

Stoves and ovens are frequently centrally located in the kitchen, making them a common source for fire hazards and burns. Children need to stay out of the “Kid Free Zone,” which extends three feet from these appliances. Never grab handles off of the stove. Never climb onto the stove or surrounding counters. And if they notice that the stove is on, they should tell an adult.

Enabling children to be proactive in kitchen fire safety is an important element of having a fire safe home. The display includes a section encouraging children to note what potential dangers they see in the pictures provided.

The banner goes on to address burns. If a child is burned, he or she is reminded to tell an adult and to refrain from putting ice, butter or other substances on the burn. Children are reminded that hot food and drinks can burn their mouths. They should have an adult test their food and to wait for their food to cool before they eat it.

The concluding message, “Be Ruff and Ready to Prevent Kitchen Fires,” is a great way to remind kids that they play an important role in their home’s fire safety.

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